Omega Squid Studios was founded in 2004 by a then 13-year-old budding developer to serve as the ‘publishing’ studio for some simple computer games built using the Game Maker 6 software originally developed by Mark Overmars.

Most of these games were designed, built, and published from 2004-2010, and while I would love to rebuild them with modern techniques, much less finish several of the incomplete games, time to complete such endeavors is in short supply.

I will post updates as often as I can. In the meantime, this will at least serve as a ‘museum’ of development accomplishments!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep playing!

-Shelby P Jones, founder of Omega Squid Studios

Download All Completed Games

Love our games? Don’t want to sift through individual download links? Well, here’s a bundle of all completed OSS programs/games in one handy zip file!

Latest Updates

Stay tuned to new game versions, launches, ideas, and general OSS game dev musings

Completed Games

Games that are finished in some form or fashion. Some are being re-developed into more complete and modern iterations, but I will always keep the classic versions preserved for posterity!


The game that started it all! A simple scrolling shooter.

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Aliengeddon 2

The sequel – more enemies, better graphics, still pretty simple

Aliengeddon 2v2

A parallel version of Aliengeddon 2 featuring particle effects and fragmenting enemies ‘Asteroids’ style

Dusk of the Dead

A zombie-shooting platformer.

Roboto Assault

The most popular and critically-acclaimed OSS game to date – a castle-defense type game featuring robots.

Ascensor Del Espanol

A spanish vocabulary quiz!